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Escrow refers to money held in an account on behalf of the property owner during the term of a mortgage.  These accounts are used to pay property tax and insurance.  Our Ohio Signature Title agents can establish a proper escrow account for your property and ensure that funds are used explicitly for the purpose intended.


All properties, commercial or residential, are unique.  Because of this, it is often difficult to anticipate challenges and negotiate terms during acquisition.  At Ohio Signature Title, we help you get the information that you need to assess the true value of a property and enable you to make the best decision.


A lien is a financial arrangement where a property is used to secure repayment of a debt.  If a property has a lien on it and it is sold, the new owners may become responsible to pay back the debt in order to remove the lien.  Ohio Signature Title agents can perform a lien search and help you avoid potential pitfalls.


Title insurance is required by many financial institutions to protect against any future defects that may be discovered in a property's title, for example undiscovered liens, existing mortgages, unknown heirs, etc.  Our experts at Ohio Signature Title are here to ensure that your investment is properly safeguarded.

Closing ServiCES

At Ohio Signature Title, we are dedicated to making your property closing as smooth as possible.  With a full range of closing services, we can handle every aspect of the closing process and address any complications that may arise.